Erik Henning

Erik Henning’s journey to OCC has taken him on a long and wonderful path. After graduating from Central Square High School in 2006 he went on the road for several years playing bass in the local band “Polar Bear Club.” “In between touring I would work various jobs to help make ends meet. It was fun but eventually I realized I wanted to do something different with my life.”

His desire for higher education brought him to OCC where he is now a Mathematics and Science major. “I love it here. I love the class sizes and all of the different people I meet. Sometimes I’m the oldest person in my class, but often times I’m not.”

When Henning isn’t in class or doing school work he’s waiting tables at popular Armory Square restaurant Pastabilities. “I love my job there. The people I work for are great to me. They allow my work schedule to match up perfectly with my class schedule.”

Henning’s plan is to transfer to either SUNY Cortland or Syracuse University, earn a bachelor’s degree in communication science disorders, then pursue a master’s in speech pathology.

In September 2013 Henning married the former Julia Coerper, an OCC grad who is pursuing a master’s in special education at SUNY Cortland.

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