Marlia Douglas

Marlia Douglas is a free spirit who has unexpectedly found herself following in her parents footsteps. “As I get older I’ve learned how similar I am to my parents who used to be missionaries to China. They are all about helping people.”

After graduating from Sayre High School in Sayre, Pennsylvania in 2011, Douglas’ urge to help others took her to India where she spent five months doing missionary work. “It was a great experience. It taught me the value of learning and made me a much better student.”

Today Douglas is a liberal arts major and performing well enough to be a member of OCC’s student honor society, Phi Theta Kappa, for which she is its vice president for scholarship. “I really love learning and that is why I am succeeding as a student. My time here has opened my eyes.”

Douglas plans to cycle across Europe in the summer of 2015 and continue to pursue her goal of living on the road. “I want to do freelance work. I want to be a professional traveler, be a journalist and write about my travels. I want to live minimalistically. That’s my dream.”

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