Thankful for Scholarship Support

Students say "Thank You!" to those who had provided them with scholarships.
Students say “Thank You!” to those who had provided them with scholarships.

Students receiving financial assistance through the OCC Foundation recently had the opportunity to learn about the history and purpose of the scholarships they receive. The first “Thank-a-Thon” was held in the Gordon Student Center as part of National Philanthropy Day. As students learned about the generous donors who made their scholarship possible, they took the opportunity to express thanks.

RESIZED Bethany Witherell
Betheny Witherell

“Without scholarship support it would have been financially impossible to go back to school. I appreciate being able to pursue my dreams and express gratitude for the help I’ve received.” -Betheny Witherell, recipient of the Community Scholars Scholarship

RESIZED Dominic Tibbetts
Dominic Tibbetts

“Thank you very much for this scholarship. You really don’t know how much this means to me and my family. I am honored to receive this and to be put in the same category as Wesley Valentine.” -Dominic Tibbetts, recipient of the Wesley Valentine Memorial Scholarship Endowment

RESIZED Bridget Cleeton
Bridget Cleeton

“It was a huge honor to receive this scholarship and my parents were so proud of me. This money has helped to buy books for my classes. Thank you so much!” -Bridget Cleeton, recipient of the Donald M. Mawhinney, Jr. Endowed Scholarship

RESIZED Maria Everson
Maria Everson

“I would like to thank the donors for making this scholarship possible. It has helped with my college expenses and made my college experience less stressful. I am very honored and grateful for being recognized. Thank you!” -Maria Everson, recipient of the Ann McKinnon Memorial Endowed Scholarship

RESIZED Alison Teachout
Allison Teachout

“It was so awesome to receive this scholarship! I am a very non-traditional student and it was so rewarding to be offered an opportunity to get a scholarship. It will help my family, and I am so honored. Thank you!” -Allison Teachout, recipient of the Helen & John Etherington Endowed Scholarship

Students participating in the Thank-a-Thon were able to participate in a drawing for a $100 gift certificate from the Barnes and Noble College bookstore and other prizes.

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