Tammy Range


Tammy Range is succeeding in an environment dominated by men. She’s a standout student in OCC’s Automotive Technology major. Fixing things has been part of her life since childhood. “Growing up on a tobacco farm we always made our own repairs to tractors. There wasn’t a lot of money. We learned to do our own work. We learned to save everything, reuse what we could, and never throw anything anyway. We wanted to maintain the farm at the lowest cost possible.”

Range grew up in Altan, North Carolina, a small town about 10 miles north of the South Carolina border. She graduated from Parkwood High School and worked several jobs, but working on vehicles was always in her blood.

Range started taking classes at OCC in the spring of 2014 and is expecting to graduate in the fall of 2015. She did an internship at Tri Count Auto in Syracuse and liked it so much she decided to keep working there.

Range’s long term goal is to change the image of the auto repair industry. “I want to take away the fear of walking into a shop and not knowing whether you can believe what you hear. Many of us are very honest and want to help people.”

As Range works to make a difference she’s thrilled to be improving herself everyday she comes to class. “OCC’s program is great. I’m not sure I could have made a better decision than to come here. This is my passion. Everything happens for a reason. I’m supposed to make a difference and this is it!”

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