Karim Abdel-Razek

Update: In May 2016 Abdel-Razek earned his second degree at OCC. One month later he was offered a full scholarship to attend Cornell University. Abdel-Razek will begin classes there in August. Congratulations Karim!

Original story: Karim Abdel-Razek is pursuing his childhood dream at OCC. “Ever since I was young I wanted to be an architect. I’ve always been good at math and I love looking at really cool buildings that inspire me.”

Abdel-Razek was born in Egypt and moved to Syracuse in 2012. He attended Syracuse’s Nottingham High School and graduated a year later. He enrolled at Onondaga in the fall of 2013 and is a dual major. He’s on course to earn an Architectural Technology degree in December 2014 and an Engineering Science degree in May 2016.

Outside of class Abdel-Razek is very busy. He’s a member of OCC’s student honor society, Phi Theta Kappa, Secretary of the Muslim American Society on campus, a member of the Architecture Club, and an intern in OCC’s Sustainability Office. “I like being busy and I like accomplishing things. There is nothing like the feeling you get after finishing a design.”

OCC is just the beginning of Abdel-Razek’s higher education plan. He intends to earn a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, a doctorate in structural engineering and a master’s in architecture.

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