Nate Anderson

Nate Anderson has taken advantage of everything OCC has to offer. Since coming here from Baldwinsville Christian Academy the sophomore has excelled in the classroom while working toward a degree in Humanities. He’s also made the most of the College’s Career and Applied Learning (CAL)  Center along with the AmeriCU financial center located on the Onondaga campus by completing three valuable internships there.

The CAL Center set the stage for Anderson’s success with AmeriCU. “They helped me write a resume and cover letter which led to my internships. Without them none of this would have happened.”

During his first internship at AmeriCU Anderson worked as a social media trainer and made presentations at senior management meetings. He followed that up with a marketing internship, then as a Member Service Specialist. “Managing an internship while working a full-time job and going to school taught me how to manage my time,” said Anderson. “I’m very grateful for AmeriCU. They did everything they could to make this the most positive experience possible.” Anderson was able to turn his internship into a job as a Member Service Specialist.

In November 2014 Anderson was inducted into OCC’s student honor society Phi Theta Kappa. He’s on track to graduate in May 2015. Anderson plans to transfer to Syracuse University where he will major in Public Relations.

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