Alena Cerro

Alena Cerro has found a home at OCC. She came here after graduating from Liverpool High School in 2013. “I was very close with a lot of my teachers there. Their constant support was very important to me.”

Cerro has found the same support at OCC where she is a member of student honor society Phi Theta Kappa and the organizations vice president of public relations. She’s enrolled in the Electronic Media Communications (EMC) major. “I love the faculty here. If I need anything I can go to their offices and they immediately help. They all have so much professional and life experience they always have an answer.”

Cerro is highly motivated to succeed and says she can’t get enough of the EMC program. “I think it’s the best on campus. I’m so invested in it. I’m here on days I don’t have to be here because I want to be here. I want to be growing and learning as much as I can.”

Cerro is on schedule to graduate in May 2015, then plans to pursue both bachelor’s and master’s degrees. In the meantime she’s enjoying each and every day at OCC. “I don’t take anything for granted here. I love my college experience. I’m very happy to be where I am.”

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