Learning to Survive Smoke and Fire in Residence Halls

Resident students at OCC received lifesaving training this fall when they learned how to survive fire and smoke in a residence hall. The College’s Department of Campus Safety and Security, along with the New York State Office of Fire Prevention and Control, taught students valuable lessons as part of Fire Safety Day September 23rd.

All students living on-campus were required to take part in the exercise. As part of the drill, a portion of Residence Hall B went dark due to a “power failure,” fire alarms were activated, the first floor was filled with fog from a theatrical fog machine to simulate smoke, fake flames were used, and some exits were blocked. Students learned how to evacuate the building safely.

Outside, a mock-up of a student dorm room was set on fire to show students how easily a fire can start and how quickly flames can spread. Students also were able to see how effective sprinkler systems are on a live fire.

Members of Rural Metro Ambulance and the Onondaga Hill Fire Department also participated in the training exercise. “This exercise is invaluable for students. It’s very eye-opening for them to see and understand how destructive a fire can be, and how important it is to do the correct things to prevent them from happening,” said Doug Kinney, Vice President of Campus Safety and Security.

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