Employee Accomplishments – September 2014

David Abrams, D.M.A., Music, Malkiel Choseed, Ph.D., English/Reading/Communication, and Michael O’Connor English/Reading/Communication, authored critiques for the internationally acclaimed arts website, CNY Café Momus (www.cnycafemomus.com). Abrams, also the site’s editor, recently reviewed performances by the Metropolitan Opera, Glimmerglass Opera, and Syracuse Friends of Chamber Music. Choseed and O’Connor reviewed plays and musicals at Syracuse Stage, Redhouse Theater, SU Drama and Covey Theatre.

Dr. Paula Banerjee, visiting Fulbright Scholar, presented a webinar for the National Diversity Council on “Why Women Are Still Considered Second Class as Asylum Seekers.”

Jennifer Bergamo, Mathematics, participated in the June 2014 reading and scoring of the College Board’s Advanced Placement Statistics Examinations in Kansas City, Missouri.

Tom Boll, English/Reading/Communication, completed the Professional Development Institute’s “Teaching Learning to Learn: Using Process Education” course this summer run by Pacific Crest.

Robert Bridge, D.M.A., Music, was awarded the National Society of Leadership and Success “Excellence in Teaching Award” and the Onondaga Board of Trustees Ralph R. Whitney Jr. Award.

Gladys L. Cleland, English/Reading/Communication and Electronic Media Communications, joined the automation and robotics company NewBotic, Corporation as director of education and marketing.

Alex M. Cole, Marketing & New Media, was named the recipient of the Onondaga-Keuka Joint President Scholarship and will earn his M.S. in Management in spring 2016.

Barbara Dennehy, MBA., Lifelong Learning, served on the planning committee for the Continuing Education Association of New York 2014 Conference.

Elizabeth Dublin, Children’s Learning Center, graduated from Onondaga in May with an associate degree in Human Services and Teacher Education. Dublin was hired by the Children’s Learning Center in July as a cooperating infant teacher.

LaRhonda Ealey, Social Science, received the Jublilee Homes of Syracuse Award for outstanding commitment and dedicated service.

Michele Ferguson, Children’s Learning Center, presented “Creating Campus and Community Connections” at the SUNY Child Care Conference in June.

Betty Hauswirth, Business Administration, Dan Fox, Duplicating, and Ed Kulas, Duplicating, earned Onondaga Faculty Appreciation Awards.

Linda Herbert, Electronic Media Communications, and Tim Brachocki, Electronic Media Communications, screened their independent documentary feature “A Resonant Chord: Rodger Mack and the Creative Process” at Stone Quarry Hill Art Park in Cazenovia as part of the Cazenovia Counterpoint Arts Festival sponsored by the Society for New Music in July. They also participated in an artists’ panel discussion on the creative process and presented at the Cazenovia Rotary Club as part of the festival’s events.

Corey Hudson, Educational Opportunity Program, co-presented on mentoring programs at the 2014 New York State Community College Institute’s annual conference.

Wendy Carl Isome, JOBSplus!, assisted in organizing a silent auction which benefited a scholarship fund for the Central New York American Society of Trainers and Developers. She has been an active member of the organization since 2009.

Bridgette L. Jacob, Ph.D., Mathematics, submitted a research paper at the International Conference on Teaching Statistics (ICOTS9) in Flagstaff, Arizona in July. She also received High Marks recognition for the Early Career Scholar competition. Dr. Jacob’s research article titled “Statistical Reasoning with the Sampling Distribution,” authored with Dr. Helen M. Doerr, professor of mathematics and mathematics education at Syracuse University, will be published this year in a special statistics education edition of Quadrante, a Portuguese education research journal. Dr. Jacob also received an Onondaga Spirit Award at the Employee Appreciation Ceremony in May for her work in developmental mathematics as part of the Advanced Manufacturing TAACCCT Department of Labor Grant, which commenced in a new degree and certificate program at Onondaga this fall.

Amy Kremenek, External Relations and Human Resources, completed one-year term as Past President, Board of Directors for SUNY Council on University Advancement, following 2-year term as Board President 2011-2013; appointed 2014-15 Committee Chair of the Harry and Barb Charlton Newcomer Scholarship, SUNY Council on University Advancement; attended American Association of Women in Community Colleges (AAWCC) LEADERS Institute, Salt Lake City, June 2014; attended National Council for Marketing & Public Relations Annual Conference, New Orleans, March 2014.

Arnaud F. Lambert, Ph.D., Anthropology, published four academic articles: “Megaliths and the Early Mezcala Urban Tradition of Mexico,” Almogaren (Institutum Canarium) 44-45: 135-145; “Cup-and-Ring Marked Stones in Ancient Mesoamerica,” Antrocom: Online Journal of Anthropology 10 (1): 111-119; “Cave Imagery in the Non-Olmec Rock Art of Oxtotitlán, Guerrero, Mexico,” The Post Hole 37 (May): 35-43; “Chalcatzingo: Olmec Propaganda, Power, and Sacrifice,” Current World Archaeology 66 (August/September): 26-29.

Nick Lisi, Photography, took part in two summer volunteer photography projects. “From Where We Stand” gave Syracuse community members an opportunity to tell their story using photography and video. Participants learned photography skills and visual storytelling techniques. He also led a “photo walk” with neighbors who live on the south side of Syracuse. The goal was to teach basic photography techniques. Photos from their walk can be viewed at http://www.mysouthsidestand.com.

Gabriela S. Lozanova, Admissions, presented at the National Association of International Educators conference in May 2014 in San Diego on “Harmonizing Advising Efforts to Support International Students in their Job Search.”

Ronald Margrey, Math, received an Excellence in Teaching Award at Syracuse University/University College, where he also teaches.

Kenneth Meyer, D.M.A, Music, directed the first annual OCC Day of Guitar; performed a solo recital for the Syracuse University Hill Corporation at a reception welcoming seven newly elected presidents to University Hill Institutions; and was an electric guitarist for the Geneva Music Festival featuring the tango quintet music of Astor Piazzolla.

Michael Oppedisano, Mathematics, and Candice Dance, Mathematics, will be presenting a session at the American Mathematical Association of Two Year Colleges conference November in Nashville. Their title is “Puzzle Fun – The Geometry of the Soma Cubes.”

Maryann Page, Biology, is coordinator of the STEM Scholars grant which provides scholarships to students enrolled in any of Onondaga’s nine STEM degree programs. Successful submission of a first year report to the National Science Foundation ensured funding of this nearly $600,000 grant through 2018. During the summer Page served as an external reviewer for a SYNAPSE grant project at SUNY-ESF, a program which better connects biology, chemistry and writing courses for freshmen at ESF.

Amanda Pendock, Marketing and New Media, was named to the 2014 YWCA Academy of Diversity Achievers, awarded a 2013-14 Ann Felton Multicultural Leadership Award, and received a 2013-14 Spirit Award for Campus.

Stephen Pierson, Ph.D., English/Reading/Communication, delivered a paper in July at the 15th International Mikhail Bakhtin Conference in Stockholm, Sweden and published a book chapter entitled “Dialogism and Monologism in ‘Song of Myself’” in a collection of essays titled “Dialogism and Poetry: Hearing Over” (Palgrave Macmillan, 2014).

Michael Podolny, Ph.D., English/Reading/Communication, had an essay titled “Enunciations of a War Machine: Crossing The Thin Red Line” published in a Cambridge Scholars collection titled “Innocence and Loss: Representations of War and National Identity in the United States.”

Eric T. Robinson, Admissions, presented in June at SUNYCAP (SUNY College Admission Professionals) on working with student-veterans.

Matt Ruddy, Ph.D., Biology, was selected to be a New Case Fellow of the Science Case Network. Through support of the National Science Foundation, Dr. Ruddy created a case study based on the emergence of oropharygeal cancers and their association with human papillomavirus. He presented his work at the BioQuest/SCN conference at the University of Delaware in June 2014.

Jamie Sindell, English/Reading/Communication, completed the American Association for Women in Community Colleges LEADERS Institute in Salt Lake City, UT. She was also the Onondaga Convocation Speaker for fall 2014. Sindell received the Onondaga Spirit Award for Community for work on the DOL TAACCCT Grant.

Donna Stuccio, Criminal Justice, was appointed to the board of directors for the Salt City Playhouse; was selected to continue as Artistic Director of Armory Square Playhouse; and was invited to join the faculty at the Downtown Writer’s Center at the YMCA to teach playwriting.

Jane Tanner, Mathematics, was selected to serve on the program committee of the Alpha Phi Foundation. She continues to serve on several other foundations, including Delta Kappa Gamma Society International Educational Foundation and the Pi State Educational Foundation.

Wendy Tarby, Institutional Planning, Assessment and Research, presented “The Voluntary Framework of Accountability: For Community Colleges, By Community Colleges” at the SUNY Faculty Council of Community Colleges Spring Plenary on April 4, 2014.

Susan Tormey, Human Resources and External Relations, received a SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Professional Service. Tormey and Nicole Schlater, Research and Grants earned “Best of Category” SUNY CUAD Award recognition for a community relations program related to the restoration and rededication of the General John A. Ellis Cemetery.

Paul Tranchell, Environmental Technology, was elected vice chair of the Central New York Air Waste Management Association for 2014-2015.

Harry G. Tuttle, Ed. D, Modern Languages, gave two presentations at the International Society for Technology in Education conference, two at the Global Education conference, and two at the New York State Association of Foreign Language Teachers conference.

Anastasia L. Urtz, College-Affiliated Enterprises & Asset Management, was named a recipient of the 2014 Onondaga Trustee Award; was selected to attend the 2014 State University of New York Executive Leadership Workshop; and was named member of the Central New York Regional Economic Development Council SUNY 2020 Grant Program Committee.

David Waite, English/Reading/Communication, served as assistant editor for the national creative writing journal “Clockhouse;” assisted the local CNY Reads committee which received a National Endowment for the Arts grant for 2014; presented a paper for the plenary panel of the Clockhouse Writers’ Conference; and conducted a year-long creative writing workshop for Chittenango High School students.

Julie White, Ph.D., Student Engagement and Learning Support, presented for a symposium at the American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting titled “The Academic, Version 2.0: The Scholar in the Era of Social Media,” in April in Philadelphia. She also presented at the SUNY Chief Community College Student Affairs Officers Meeting on “The Impact of Financial Aid on Student Success,” in June in Jamestown, NY.

Eunice Williams, Chief Diversity Officer, was appointed to the Matilda Joslyn Gage Foundation’s Board of Directors; was appointed to the Brady Faith Center Board of Directors; was appointed vice president of the CNY Arts Board of Directors; and presented the keynote address on “Developing A Diversity Master Plan” at the 2014 New York State Community College Institute’s annual conference.

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