Culinary Camp


Recipe for Fun

There’s’a new addition to the long list of summer camps offered at OCC: Culinary Camp – Dough and Beyond. The camp debuted in July 2014. Sixteen students in grades 9 through 12 learned how to bake from scratch, including French bread, chocolate chip cookies, pita bread, cranberry muffins, lemon poppy seed bread, dinner rolls, pizza dough, and homemade pasta.

The camp was held in the kitchen in the Gordon Student Center where students in OCC’s Hospitality Management program work every day. Chef Eric Rose administered the summer program. Rose is a graduate of OCC and was named the American Culinary Federation’s 2006 Chef of the Year. “Our first Culinary Camp was a great experience for all of the students. You could see them learning more each day and enjoying the hands-on experience.”

Alyssa Goodwin, a 9th grader at Marcellus High School, loved her time at Culinary Camp. “It was lots of fun. The experience of learning from different types of dough to getting hands-on experience by making the dough and baking was really an interesting thing to go through. At such a young age, understanding the process is a lot of fun.” Goodwin says she’s always enjoyed preparing food, but after Culinary Camp is looking at it as more than something fun to do. “I really think cooking is a good career because people aren’t going to stop eating, and you can always find new and different ingredients to put into food and make it interesting. It’s really a creative outlet and something I would enjoy.”

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