Meet the Faculty: Lindsey R. Reider

Lindsey Reider, Health & Physical Education

Lindsey Reider, Health & Physical Education

Lindsey R. Reider
Professor and Chairperson, Health and Physical Education

Hometown: Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Education: B.S., University of California at Santa Barbara; M.P.H, University of South Carolina.

History at OCC: I began as an adjunct instructor in the fall of 1999, was hired as an assistant professor for the fall 2003 semester and became chairperson of the department in 2006. I received a SUNY Chancellor’s Award in 2009.

Favorite Student Story: During graduation in 2005 I was assisting students up the stairs to the stage to receive their diplomas, and I recognized a student from one of my classes of four years earlier. We recognized each other, we hugged, and she acknowledged that I had something to do with her persistence. I was proud of her.

Little-Known Facts: Every summer I participate in the Genesis Health Project. It helps African-Americans in Syracuse reduce obesity and its related health risks and promotes healthy lifestyles. People we assist learn to improve their diets, develop good exercise habits, and maintain healthy lifestyles. I have been part of the program for nine very rewarding years.

Meaningful Experiences Outside Education: Fatherhood! I have a 9-year-old boy, Charlie, and a 7-year old girl, Chloe, who has Down Syndrome. Raising these two keeps me learning!

Words of Wisdom: My educational philosophy requires colleges and my colleagues to facilitate student learning that imbues participatory citizenship for the improvement of our nation. Student success is everyone’s responsibility and it nourishes society!


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