Meet the Faculty: Jennie A. Sabo

Jennie Sabo, American Sign Language

Jennie Sabo, American Sign Language

Jennie A. Sabo
Associate Professor and Program Coordinator, American Sign Language

Hometown: Carthage, NY

Education: B.S., Empire State College; M.S., SUNY Potsdam

History at OCC: My dream was fulfilled the moment I was hired as a full-time assistant professor in the fall of 2007. Prior to that I had worked 18 years as a certified interpreter for the deaf and as an American Sign Language (ASL) adjunct instructor and mentor. I am currently the program coordinator of ASL at OCC and am most fortunate to have a position where I get to love what I do and do what I love.

Favorite Student Story: It is incredibly rewarding when students get in touch with us to express how we have positively impacted their life. One student in particular contacted me to say that she was chosen to interpret for President Obama’s first Inauguration. I am passionate about teaching and blessed to be part of a community college that truly cares about students and their success.

Little-Known Fact: Before deciding to pursue a career in signed language interpreting and eventually teaching, I worked with my husband in a family-owned business for over 18 years.

Meaningful Experiences Outside Education: I am most fortunate to have been involved in performance interpreting. I have interpreted for many artists in the music industry and have done numerous performance interpreted shows such as my most memorable one, “Les Miserables.” I am married to a wonderful man and we have a lovely daughter who has blessed us with a granddaughter and grandson.

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