Music Man: Michael Delledera, ’98

Michael-Delledera,-'98Music was always Michael Delledera’s passion, but without little league baseball he may have never turned his first love into a successful career. Delledera grew up in Syracuse and graduated from Henninger High School. Despite being heavily involved in music throughout secondary school, he decided to major in Radio/Television at OCC.

Delledera’s favorite professor was the late Vinny Spadafora who was also chair of the Radio/Television department. “He was a performer, an entertainer, and a professor all in one. His personality was outstanding and carried over into creating a wonderful atmosphere to learn in,” Delladera said.

Delledera earned his degree in 1998 and transferred to SUNY Oneonta. He graduated two years later with a B.A. in Music Industry.

Delledera moved to New York City and began pursuing a career. He was working music-related part-time jobs to make ends meet. Delledera was employed by Columbia Artist Management and an independent record company.

In his spare time he was also coaching little league baseball, a position which led to his big opportunity in music. “Parents found out about my music background and one by one they each asked me if I could teach their child guitar or piano. I started teaching all of my baseball players music and that’s how my music school started.”

In 2005 he started Ivy Music School in Brooklyn. Delledera’s staff grew to four instructors, offering private lessons in piano, guitar, drums, violin, voice and songwriting. Today their students range in age from four to 17 years old. Ivy Music School has educated hundreds of students in the New York City and tri-state area. “Some of our first students are entering high school. It’s very rewarding to see their evolution and how their success in music gives them confidence in other areas of their lives.”

Delledera is also President of Ivy Productions, Inc. The company includes the school and his music production business. Since becoming a producer he has developed a greater appreciation for all types of music. “I listen to music with a more open mind now. I always try to find something good and positive in a song.”

In 2008 he formed the “Mike Delledera Band” for which he is a singer, songwriter and guitarist. In May 2014 they released their debut full-length album “WakeUpSideDowntown” on Delledera’s label. The album is available on iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby.

Delledera’s wealth of experience as a student, musician and instructor has put him in a position to offer valuable advice to people interested in a career in music:

*“You have to have a really good skill set and know your craft. Knowledge is power. Know as much as possible. Technology is evolving and constantly changing. You have to keep up with it.”

*”You need to have good people skills and social skills and be able to connect. You need to be able to look people in the eye and have a relationship with them. I’ve worked in restaurants and other jobs where it’s all about being social. That’s equally important in what I do today.”

You can learn more about Delledera’s band and listen to their music at More information on his music school is available at

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